30 janvier 2011

The rex


The rex is the only cinema of Oppidum anglicus. Howerver a city without a cinema, is it a city?No!

The rex is more famous for its height. It is so high! Anywhere in the city, you up your eyes and you can see the Rex.

The cinema is built by Auguste Bluysen and John Eberson. It ‘s built seventy years ago.

The rex is so larger than any other cinemas, it has seven rooms with about hundred seats and a room for concerts.

Behind the Rex, there is a gallery with the history of the cinema, posters of famous films which are seen in th rex.


30 janvier 2011

The pyramid




The pyramid is the other most famous museum of this city. This museum streches over 210 000m². 

Before to be a museum, the Pyramid was a castle. The construction began in 1790 but it finished a century after.

The museum is more attractive for its antiquities. It one of the only museum which exposed paints.

The pyramid will be classify as one of the leaders of works of the history of Oppidum Anglicus whereas the other museum of the city will be not.

30 janvier 2011

The regional museum of Oppidum anglicus.


The regional museum is more famous, bigger and larger than any other museums of the city. It streches over 13.5 hectares.This museum is more attractive than the other museum of the city: the Pyramid. The visitors are often the children.

The regional museum has been built by the workers it was  two centuries. The museum has since the most number of expositions of the history. The regional museum  of Oppidum anglicus is the place where you sould go if you come.

The museum is also know for its architecture.  



30 janvier 2011

The Rastignac Castle


This castle is the most famous castle of Oppidum anglicus. The rastignac castle was one of the holidays castle of the King whereas, now this building is know as one of the smallest castle in the world. chateau_de_rastignac

The Rastignac castle

30 janvier 2011

The little end maybe...

Now, you now some sides of this city. If you want to visit oppidum anglicus,

 Welcome in the city!!!!