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Dimanche 30 janvier 2011

A little word from the manager

If you  are on this page it’s beacause you are interresting by a trip. You are looking for a city, the city of your dreams, your ideal city. This city, is my city!

Oppidum anglicus is special beacause it has two sides.

An urban side with extraordinaries buildings such as its opera, skycrapers…

But also , it has an historic side. In fact, this city has kept and preserved all of its history trough the ruins , museums…

Dimanche 30 janvier 2011

The history of Oppidum anglicus

Oppidum anglicus is named that because in latin it means british city. This city was built in the Middle Age , in 1420 for celebrate the victory of England. Since, Oppidum anglicus made its way. It was a shelter for many of english. They had move away to avoid wars. Now it is know to be a city wich has many casltes’ ruins…. However, Oppidum anglicus is one of only one city which is ecologic, urban and historic.Ruins of an english catle

Ruins of qn english castle