In Oppidum anglicus, there is the world financial center.

Jin Mao is on the right and the world financial center is on the left.

Jin Mao tower is a skyscraper. In the city, it is the most tallest skycraper and in the earth of the business disctrict of the city, it’s the new financial district.
This tower measures 420,50m, it’s nineth tallest building of the world.
Before the inauguration of the World Finacial Center, the Jin Mao tower was the tallest building of the world. Its height represents its openness of Oppidum anglicus to the world and the economic power of the town. This building has 88 levels on area of 2,3 hectares. The first 54 levels are reserved for the offices and the 33 other levels welcome the bedrooms of a famous hostel. This is the tallest hostel of the wold. The level on the top is a panoramic terrace which allow to people to see the wonderful extent of the town. The elevators are really fast, it’s able to propulse us at the 88e level in 50 seconds climbing up to 9m/s.


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